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Rum Ready Gift Set
Rum Ready Gift Set
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Rum Ready Gift Set

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You’d think that a city producing sugar cane since its inception in early 1700 would have an equally lengthy history of distilling rum. Yep, that’s what one would think. 

This book dispels that theory as it traces the history of rum in New Orleans, which largely was imported from the Caribbean. From pirates to Prohibition bootlegging to the invention of the Hurricane cocktail during WWII, you will uncover how rum has been a constant link through our most infamous moments in history. 

And some of the most pivotal! A rum barrel was used to preserve and ship back to England a British General who fell during the Battle of New Orleans in 1815; that’s right -- you just can’t make this stuff up! This book has been SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, Mikko Macchione.

Along with the book, in this gift set you’ll also find the essential bartending tools needed to whip up your own rum concoctions and some New Orleans tunes from Richard “Piano” Scott to set the mood. If you like, add on a 5-pack of hand-crafted cocktail mixes from award-winning El Guapo Bitters company that includes two of rum’s most famous recipes: the Hurricane and the Mojito. All you’ll need is the rum!

Rum Ready Gift Set includes:

  • New Orleans Rum: A Decadent History, Softcover Book, 128 pgs., Signed Copy
  • New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Music CD by local favorite musician, Richard “Piano” Scott
  • American Metalcraft Stainless Steel Jigger, 1oz and 1.5oz
  • 11” Red Ball Cocktail Spoon
  • American Metalcraft 6” Lemon and Lime Zester
  • Wooden 8” Muddler
  • Reusable 8”x12” Burlap Gift Bag


The Craft Mixers Pack includes:

  • El Guapo Craft Cocktails, 2oz of Each Flavor (Enough for One Cocktail Each)
    • Hurricane
    • Mojito
    • Bloody Mary
    • Salted Paloma
    • Lemon Drop