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Ghost Tour From Home!

Ghost Tour From Home!

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Ready for a haunted your own home?

Each item in this ghostly gift pack has been specially selected to put you in the “spirit” of New Orleans--one of the most haunted cities in the world--right in the comfort of your own home. 

Then again, “comfort” may not be the correct word. 

You may find yourself hiding under a blanket while reading about paranormal encounters in Haunted New Orleans to the backdrop of the transcendental, dark harmonies of Blato Zato’s unique Eastern European-meets-Louisiana-bayous sound. 

But that’s just the warm up. When you’ve summoned all of your courage, light a candle and set out the matted Tarot Card, and then open Paul Noffsinger’s Talking with Spirits booklet. You’ll learn how to use the enclosed pendulum to uncover what--or maybe even who--is going bump in the night.


  • Haunted New Orleans Softcover Book
  • Talking with Spirits Softcover Booklet SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR
  • Spirit Communication Pendulum With Keepsake Bag
  • Blato Zlato “Swamp Gold” CD
  • Matted Souvenir Tarot Card Drawn From James Corbyn’s Personal Collection
  • Reusable 8”x12” Burlap Gift Bag